I Do… Again.

 While weddings and renewal of vows are not something that we normally do, when Haley contacted us through our Facebook page, telling us the story of her parents and asking us to surprise them at a renewal of vows ceremony to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. Well we just couldn’t resist.

Haley had asked us to perform the Beatles song ‘All You Need is Love’ in the style of the wedding scene from ‘Love Actually’. This meant a special arrangement by Christina and a staring role from the Tenor section. It also meant hiding choir members throughout the church.

Following the Renewal of Vows the choir crept from their hiding places, and the performance went really well.

Hayley had also asked for ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’ which Ron and Vera, a wonderful couple who sing with us performed. It is safe to say that there were very few dry eyes left in the church when they had finished what was a very moving and beautiful Duet. 

Of course, the most important thing was that the family were really happy with the event, and it was a privilege to be part of such a special day.