New Year's Resolutions

It is the time of year for contemplating New Year's Resolutions, but what you might not have realised is just how many of those resolutions can be fulfilled by joining a choir.

So in 2015 are you resolving to:

 Get Fit?

As has been mentioned previously on this site here, research in to the health benefits of singing with a choir has shown that it is effective at improving heart health and lung capacity as exercise such as Yoga. It releases as many endorphins (the ‘happy hormone’) as a session at the gym.
Communal singing is also great for improving the posture, and generally boosting your mood.

 Loose Weight?

OK, so being honest, there is no link between singing in a choir and loosing weight, none at all… but as dairy products can coat your throat and limit your voice, Christina has a strict no cheese or chocolate before performances rule, which could help… maybe.

Challenge Yourself?

Staring at dots on a page and trying to figure out what it is supposed to sound like is a challenge. Especially if like me, you don’t read music. That’s fine though, because we learn our pieces by ear, just using the sheet music as a reminder of the patterns of the tune.

Soprano’s tend to get a slightly easier ride, as we mostly (although not always) carry the tune whereas the other parts have the additional challenge of learning the harmony. But either way it can be a real challenge, especially if the piece or arrangement is unfamiliar, and it feels amazing when you meet it.

Improve Your Confidence?

 I was lucky enough to be asked to sing a solo in several concerts that we performed this Christmas, a lot of people told me that they would never have the confidence to do something like that. And if you want to know the truth, I was a bag of nerves each and every time.

But in the end I had trust in Christina, and the rest of the choir. Christina gets to know your voice and I know and trust that she wouldn’t make me do something that she didn’t think I was capable of, and bit by bit my confidence grows.

But even if you have absolutely no desire to sing solos (and believe me no one is going to force you to) and just fancy singing with other people, every time that a piece comes together from what just last week was a mess of parts, every time a performance that you were slightly dreading goes well and every time you accomplish something you didn’t think you ever would; surrounded by friends who have just done the same, your confidence grows.

And it grows regardless of whether you are nervous of singing in the practice room, or you are the kind of fool who volunteers for solos you know you will shake all the way through

 Raise Money For Charity?

 Every year Simply Sing raises money for a chosen charity, along with supporting several charities throughout the year by performing at their events.

Meet new People?

There are around 35 people who regularly sing with Simply Sing, a varied mix of age, occupation, background, interests who all have one thing in common, and who are unlikely to have met without the Choir. Well they have two things in common, they like singing, and they are all friendly and will give new starters a warm welcome.

So while joining this choir won’t help you travel more, or become world famous (unless we take on a very unexpected direction) it might help you to tick more off of the resolutions list than you thought.

 Why not give it a try?