A Grand Night Out for UNICEF

The arrival of November 28th was nervously anticipated by the members of Simply Sing, as our Autumn Concert was upon us and a years worth of work and rehearsal was about to be put on display.

We were delighted to welcome our audience and happily rose to the challenge of a polished performance (despite some technical issues with microphones!)

The programme was varied, featuring some choir favourites, such as Annie's Song, Happy Together and our one classical piece of the evening, Be Still My Soul.

Several soloists performed and the choir was thrilled with the performance overall and it was lovely to hear from audience members who had been to previous concerts, all of whom commented on how well the choir was progressing.

The choir had decided to take the opportunity to collect for the UNICEF Syrian Children's Emergency Fund, and were thrilled to have raised £429.50 on the evening, thanks to generous donations from the audience, and a very popular raffle, which itself raised over £100.

Subsequently donations increased the total to £500, and as the British Government match donations to the UNICEF fund, a total of £1000 will be donated, and go towards aiding children fleeing war in Syria and living in hardship in refugee camps.