A Summer Summary

What an productive year we have had! 

From September 2017 to July 2018 we have raised well over £2000 for Norfolk Young Carers.

We have put on four performances; including our Chistmas Festival, Tapping House's 'Lantern Walk', and our summer concert. 

We have taken part in the Norfolk Community Choir Festival, which hopefully we will get an even larger contingent going to next year to see what the other choirs are up to, learn new music, and show off some of our own.

For the remainder or the term we have our social event this week and then our summer break! Please expect music lists to start being generated towards the middle of August and emails will be sent out. 

Our first rehearsal back is on the events page, for the 6th of September. Please use it as a good opportunity to bring friends along, as it would be great to get us up to around 50-60 members by the end of next year!

Have a good summer,